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Video Slider plugin is a great way to create a stunning video slider without programming skills. Fully responsive, work on any mobile device. You can attract more people to your website and amaze them with effective slideshows, that show your video amazing way. It is very easy. It is necessary to select the video ( currently supports in Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo and MP4) that you would like to show in a slider using the Rich Web, wich creates a responsive slideshow, thumbnail slider or slider post feed. Plugin supports Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo and MP4 videos. It is fully responsive works on iPhone, IPAD, Android, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

New Plugin by Rich Team

  • WordPress Coming Soon Plugin
  • WordPress Event Timeline Plugin

  • Overlay Color – This choise is for overlay, that appear as background for titles an descriptions on the slides.

  • Quantity of the slides – You can show the required number of slides in the slider, depending on, how much videos to create.
  • Slideshow Speed – This speed of each slide will remain in the slieder.
  • Animation – There are a lot of animation for sliders. Select your preferred animation effect. You will have what you want.
  • Navigation arrows – You can enable / disable the button of navigation (Previous/next) for the slider for the option. You have the option to specify the color and size.
  • Title / Description – This option is hides/shows the name and description.
  • Title color – You can choose the color for your title that appear on your slides.
  • Font settings – The plagin has a built more additional options editor text style. With this option you can completely customize the name, title, discription of each video.
  • The structure within the borders and shadow settings – Borders and shadow has advanced features to customize the design and style of the slider interface elements.
  • Content – Each video has its own content. You can watch the video one after the other, where is inserted the header, description, buttons, videos and links.
  • Pause Time – This function is for to set the time to pause. You just have to choose the approriate time to stop the slider.
  • The speed of change – This option allows you to select the slide show speed that you would like to have. You just have to write the time to change the video speed.

Imagine all of your Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo and MP4 format videos through our fantastic Video Slider Plugin. It is very easy to add video from Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo and MP4.


Your WordPress web-site represents you, your brand or your company. Rich Video Slider allows you to create your plugin, exactly as you would like. Selection and settings of color, background, borders and edges, and more.

General Features

  • Fully responsive & multiple layouts support.
  • Auto-start slideshow (can be disabled).
  • Starting with slider pecified slide.
  • Super smooth hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions with jQuery fallback.
  • High compatibility with many fallback features for old browsers.
  • Unlimited number of layers with video.
  • Unlimited amount of videos to be added.
  • Unlimited number of sliders.
  • Very detailed documentation with examples.
  • Unlimited variations of usage.
  • Free updates & support.
  • Possibility to add slider in widgets right from widgets admin panel.
  • Option for adding a deep link to a specified slide.
  • Option for create your own slide transitions.
  • Option for adding a link to layers which will change the slider to a specific slideshow.
  • Option for specifying a global background color or video.
  • Working in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE7-11, Opera.
  • Working in mobile browsers (Android, iOS and et.).
  • Responsive, full-width, full size or fixed dimensions layout.
  • Touch navigation on mobile browsers.
  • Keyboard navigation.
  • Option for disabling prev / next buttons or bullets.
  • With the slider you can add for the videos title and description.
  • Possibility to use different slider for different pages.
  • Full-width, Full-screen and boxed layout.
  • Plugin supports external methods (update, reset and remove) to control it after creation.
  • Drag and Drop functionality – Drag and drop videos to rearrange their sequence.
  • Shortcode supported.

Pro Key Features

Fully responsive & multiple layouts support.

  • Post Video Slider Type
  • Supports Text layers.
  • Supports Image layers.
  • Slider Layer animations.
  • Navigation button/bullet styles
  • Supports HTML layers.
  • SSupports Video layers.
  • 30 Transition effects.

Beautiful Slideshow Effects

Plugin makes displaying your slider of videos a beautiful experience, by using amazing slideshow effects ranging from slicing and sliding to fading and folding. There simply is no better way to showcase your amazing work than to make the presentation of it looks just as beautiful.

Automatic Image Cropping

Plugin can automatically resize your images (video) to a size you specify, so you don’t have to worry about doing it manually yourself. So you don’t need to worry if your videos are too big or too small, they will all come out the same size.

Multiple Slider Types

You can independently download, choose sliders versions, where you can insert sketches with its own YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo and MP4 format videos. You can change the colors, fonts, effects and a number of other functions in the option. Each Type has its own specifics. Every Web site designer will find corresponding type for his website.


Plugin comes with a built in theme choose which allows you to use some of the awesome pre-built themes with your slider automatically. This means your slider can look stunning without any extra work. Or if you prefer, don’t use a pre-built theme and create your own using General Option.

Amazing and professional

Plugin has an amazing transition effects, sequence of the other images – Fade, Cross Fade, Slide, Slideshow, Slice, Blinds, 3D, 3D Horizontal, Horizontal, Vertical, Blocks and Shuffle. Over time, will be added new effects. Effects gives to slider unique look and beautiful design. Animation options allow adding different transition effects for the responsive slideshow. Plugin will give a unique look to your videos, with its descriptions and titles, which also has their own slideshow effects.

Multiple slideshow types

Let you to choose which slider shape fit to your site. Currently 10 different types and 30+ slide effects included.

Rich Web

Video Slider Pro

Live Demo

Services and Support

We are committed to top-notch customer support because we know if you have problem with video slider, you need a solution as soon as possible.


If You think You have found a mistake in the plugin or have any problems, questions about the plugin, please read the Support Forum оr can you ask your question on our WordPress website. If You can not find a solution here, please feel free and click here to Contact US.


  • Vertical Video Thumbnails
  • Vertical Video Thumbnails
  • Content Slider
  • Content Slider
  • Slick Slider
  • Slick Slider
  • Thumbnails Slider
  • Thumbnails Slider
  • Carousel / Content Popup
  • Carousel / Content Popup
  • Carousel / Content Popup
  • Simple Video Slider
  • Simple Video Slider
  • Horizontal Posts
  • Horizontal Posts


Install the free version in your WordPress website

  • In the left side you will see ” plugins “. Click to open a new page.
  • Click to add new button – > Search plugins. On empty line write your preferable plugin. Example slider. Your preferable slider plugin you can find from WordPress large menu.
  • Clicking ” install now ” you will start the installation process.
  • When will finished the installation process you, can activate it or not. By activating, your plugin will be ready. Only you must do that, what will be required from your plugin.


How can I change the width?

For change the width choose the version, You will see the ” width ” tab, where you can choose that size, which width you want for your slider.

How can I change the height?

For change the, height choose your preferable version. In the options You will see the ” height ” tab, where you can choose the height.

How to install the free version in your WordPress website?

  1. In the left side you will see ” plugins “. Click to open a new page.

  2. Click to add new button -> Search plugins. On empty line write your preferable plugin. Example slider. Your preferable video slider plugin you can find from WordPress large menu.

  3. Clicking ” install now ” you will start the installation process.

  4. When will finished the installation process you, can activate it or not. By activating, your plugin will be ready. Only you must do that, what will be required from your plugin.

How to enable the slider to in a post or page?

[Rich_Web_Video id=”1″]

How enable the slider to header.php or other PHP files?

Do you have any restrictions on the slider to add video?

No, there are no restrictions for adding video to Youtube, Vimeo, Vevo and MP4.


मई 19, 2022
`Terrible plugin, it contains many errors and apparently, they have not been completely corrected. What good is it having great features if it randomly throws errors with Javascript? I do not recommend it. Paying and waiting to receive a file instead of updating it from the Wordpress repository does not inspire confidence. Very bad plugin with many bugs: Failed to load plugin: plugins/slider-video/Scripts/plugins/wpautoresize/plugin.min.js
मार्च 6, 2022
Started with the free version and it worked a treat for my task. Updated to paid version and had some questions about updating and downloads that were both responded to very quickly. Thank you!
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Contributors & Developers

“Video Slider – Slider Carousel” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Changed image of Timeline and Tab.


  • Problem solved: Visual editor didn’t work when video slider was active.


  • Resolved issue with JS.


  • Fixed a bug with the link


  • Fixed bug


  • Fixed bug


  • Fixed issue with Carousel. 2 carousels didn’t work on the same page.


  • Added a function not to add a slider without video.
  • Fixed a bug with the image.


  • Added new function for adding Vimeo.
  • Fixed a bug when loading the slider.


  • The problem in the admin panel has been fixed and the banner has been changed.


  • Fixed bug in Vimeo. The image didn’t create automatic.


  • Fixed bug with dragging and dropping from video.


  • Fixed a bug with the admin panel.


  • Fixed a small bug with the admin panel.


  • Added effects for several types.
  • The problem with loading has been solved.
  • The image didn’t work correctly on the slider.


  • Fixed bug with PHP7 and 8 versions.
  • Fixed bug with responsive.


  • Bug fixed since PHP 7.4


  • Added function for themes
  • Fixed bug in carousel
  • Fixed bug with icons.


  • Fixed a bug when opening the slider. The video was always loaded.


  • Fixed bug with safari browser.


  • Resolved problem with drag drop function for image.


  • Fixed a bug related to functions of the admin panel.
  • FFixed a bug in Vertical Thumbnails type. Autoplay for video did not work.
  • Fin the Carousel type, the responsiveness for the mobile phone is changed.


  • Testing plugin in WordPress 5.2


  • Added opportunity in the video that it works properly with SSL.
  • Fixed bug during activating the plugin.


  • Fixed bug of the option.


  • Added: Carousel working in Elementor.
  • Added: In the Carousel and Horizontal Post types added autoplay function.
  • Changed: In the Thumbnails type, has changed the speed of the slideshow with the image.
  • Fixed bug: In Thumbnails type, pictures were shown not correctly.
  • Fixed bug: In Elementor, the Thumbnails type, were out of the frame
  • Fixed bug: In the Post type, added an ability to add multiple sliders.


  • Fixed bug with responsiveness


  • Fixed the problem in the update.


  • Changed admin menu style.


  • Added Hover effects in Carousel type.
  • Changed style for mobile devices.
  • Fixed bugs with MP4 format videos.
  • Fixed bug with Amazing Navigation.
  • Tested with different browsers.


  • Fixed bug with creating new slider function.
  • Added loading function before showing all videos.
  • Fixed bug with Amazing Simple Slider and Carousel/Content Popup types.
  • Fixed bug with Thumbnails Slider for some themes.
  • Added possibility to make a duplicate slide for your slides in admin menu.
  • Fixed bug with image uploading process.


  • Added a new feature for downloading videos from YouTube.


  • Fixed bug with uploading videos from the vimeo and videos with mp4 format.
  • Fixed bug with displaying Amazing Slider.


  • Changed uploading function for videos and images.


  • Fixed bug with the thumbnails of Vimeo videos.


  • Added new version. – Amazing Simple Slider.


  • Fixed small bugs with CSS.


  • title and description error fixed
  • fixed bug with the responsiveness for mobile.
  • Added new type – Timeline Slider
  • Added new type – Rich Slider
  • Testing plugin in WordPress 4.8


  • Added the ability to add multiple sliders in one page.


  • Fixed CSS issues for content slider type.


  • Update Readme after testing plugin in WordPress 4.7
  • Added capability to add videos from Vevo


  • Fixed: Display bug after previous update.
  • Fixed: Reported bug on front end.


  • Added capability to add videos in mp4 format.


  • Updated some functions and options in widget.php file.
  • Fixed bug in Thumbnail and Post Slider version.


  • Updated some functions and options in widget.php file.


  • Added new versions. – Horizontal Posts.
  • Fixed – Bug in admin panel.
  • Fixed – Bug with icons to change slides


  • Added new versions. – Vertical Video Thumbnails


  • Added new versions. – Simple Video Slider


  • Added new versions. – Video Carousel / Content Popup


  • Fixed – Bug in front end


  • Fixed – There was a problem with the icon (Slick Slider Version)
  • Fixed – When clicked on the play video showed slightly higher (Thumbnails Slider Version)


  • Released version ” Video Slider Plugin “